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Gives a smooth surface to problematic, uneven and scarred skin. Available in the following shades:

Netto Price: 10,08 EUR

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100 ml = 32.50 €
Product no.: 6560

KRYOLAN Artex is ideal for the creation of 3D skin effects such as wounds, scars and burns – and for concealing unwanted skin anomalies.

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can be shipped within 2-7 days

This artificial blood product can be washed out of virtually all textiles and articles of clothing. It is also suitable for use in and around the mouth.


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100 ml = 13.40 €

Cine-Wax is a wax product for the design of small 3D effects. The ideal composition of natural and synthetic waxes, especially the 50% share of natural organic substances should be emphasized.

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Kryolan Old Skin Stipple, the forms of old, withered skin on by rubber dab milk based

For professional use only

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Product no.: 1420
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100 g = 40.00 €

can be shipped within 3 bis 7 days

They are suitable for coloring cosmetics, rubber milk
and Elastoskin.

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Product no.: 1191/00

Transparent Jelly is a transparent, greenish-tinted gel for simulation of wet and sweat effects.


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Product no.: 1470

Collodion is a classic product for creation of simulated scars (also known as Scarring Material).

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can be shipped within 3-8 days

Product no.: 05412
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100 g = 40.00 €

can be shipped within 3-7 days

(Farbe1: light)

Fresh Scratch is a fast-drying artificial blood preparation in 3 colors. 

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can be shipped within 3-7 days

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