GB-Gel Hydratant Visage mini

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100 ml = 83.33 €

100 ml = 83.33 €

GB moisture gel for all skin types

The extra moisture and freshness with asparagus extract, cucumber extract and fruit moisture proteins.
Recommended after the sauna or sunbathing, but also for the gentleman after shaving. Has a calming, relaxing, refines the skin structure and conveys immediate freshness.
Binding of supplied and skin's own moisture.

As a care under a camouflage makes it particularly durable and protects the skin.

Apply daily or as needed to clean skin.
For oily skin as day care, otherwise before day and night care.

(Decoration is not the scope of services)

Additional product information

Minimum Durability 12 months after opening
Content Probiergröße à 3ml
Application Feuchtigkeits-Gel
Skin Type / Skin problem
  • Für jeden Hauttyp
  • Für trockene Haut
  • Für empfindliche Haut
  • Für unreine/entzündliche Haut
  • Bei Couperose / Äderchen
  • Bei reifer Haut (40+)
  • Für den Herren

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