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Product no.: mo_S40510

Naturgeist Buckeyes gel from Hagina is a mild, skin-friendly gel that stimulates the blood circulation tired legs.

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Product no.: mo_12550

A special body oil with the fragrance of delicate almond. This valuable skin care oil is invigorating and stimulating and ideally suited for whole body care or massage. Makes your skin supple, tan lasts longer. Oil Mandola contains the nourishing vitamin E.
For the care of all skin types

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Product no.: mo_12523

Herbal body milk is a quickly absorbed emulsion with the active ingredients of tried and tested medicinal plants such as fennel, hops, chamomile, mistletoe, yarrow and lemon balm. Avocado oil and almond oil gently care for your skin. Lightly perfumed.

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Product no.: mo_12525

A skin-caring oil bath with the addition of almond oil and the high-quality chamomile active ingredient bisabolol.

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